Community and the cultivation of meaningful relationships are at the heart of CHKC’s core values. These types of connections reduce isolation and help people who are deafblind to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion.

To increase CHKC’s reach and ability to support Ontarians living with dual hearing and vision loss, the agency recently created a new consumer relations role. Working from CHKC’s offices and in the community, the successful candidate will foster strategies to promote programs and services to deafblind consumers and other stakeholders across the province. Everyone was encouraged to apply for the position and CHKC was excited to receive significant interest from applicants in the deafblind community.

“Everybody who submitted an application has been incredibly passionate. This energy and the possibility that the role will be filled by a consumer who is deafblind are extremely exciting,” says Mélanie Gauthier, Consumer Programs Manager for CHKC. “We believe that adding a consumer to the CHKC team would increase our credibility and make us more relatable. It may also make it easier for new consumers to approach our agency because they will have the option to speak with a peer who is already receiving services from us.

”The successful candidate will have a variety of important responsibilities as he or she settles in to make a difference at CHKC. These include reaching out to potential clients to help increase CHKC’s consumer base, promoting the services of the agency on a user level,and representing CHKC at various events, fairs and expos.

“We are extremely excited about the creation of this new role,” adds Gauthier. “Strong ties and existing connections to the deafblind community, which have been established over the years, will help CHKC’s new Consumer Relations Coordinator thrive. Having increased representation from the community is also important.Knowing that our team will include somebody that the deafblind community can relate to and see as a mentor is yet another important step forward for our organization.”