For over 10 years, the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) has been raising money for CHKC at its annual Hall of Fame awards luncheon.

Piggy banks are placed on each table and Honourable Vim Kochhar, founder of both CFPDP and CHKC, encourages attendees to see who can contribute the most “bacon” to help CHKC in its mission to improve the lives of people who are deafblind.

Kochhar’s call to contribute is always successful, raising several thousand dollars for CHKC. At the 2018 luncheon however, the piggy banks were particularly “well fed” thanks to five sponsors who stepped up to match the contributions. With the generosity of Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, the late Honourable Michael Wilson, IBM, Scotiabank and CIBC, CFPDP’s 2018 piggy banks fundraising totaled more than $30,000.

The annual Hall of Fame luncheon provides permanent recognition of outstanding Canadians who have made extraordinary contributions to enriching the quality of life for people with physical disabilities. Founded by the CFPDP, this Hall of Fame was officially opened February 11, 1994 at Metro Hall (55 John Street) in down-town Toronto. It is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nominations to the Hall of Fame come from sources across Canada–community groups, private citizens, associations and organizations of and for people with physical disabilities.

Nominees are chosen each year by the Hall of Fame’s Selection Board in the category of Builder, Achiever or Athlete. The inductees are individuals who truly have made a difference – those who have opened doors for people with disabilities in the areas of sports, education, employment or housing.

Nominations for this year’s inductees are open and can be found on